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Habitats Directive

Adopted in 1992, the Habitats Directive is aimed at conserving natural habitats and wild fauna and flora in Europe. It introduces similar measures for the protection of European flora and fauna as ...

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Ecological Network

Ecological network is a system of mutually connected or spatially close ecologically significant areas that substantially contribute to the conservation of natural balance and biodiversity in the R...

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This concept consisting of two keywords – ecological and system – pertains to all biotic and abiotic elements and their mutual interactions in a given area, regardless of its size...

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Endemic species

Endemic species are species that appear in a very restricted geographical area, for example on an island or a mountain peak. In the Habitats Directive, this concept generally refers to species that...

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Genetic diversity

Genetic diversity pertains to the totality of genes of all living organisms and the diversity of these genes among individuals, populations, species and higher taxonomic categories.


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