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Brend Parkovi Hrvatske pokrenut je 2014. godine s ciljem promocije svih hrvatskih nacionalnih i parkova prirode, koji su najprepoznatljivija i najposjećenija nacionalna zaštićena područja. Uz to, parkovi su i glavni stupovi očuvanja prirode i bioraznolikosti, pametnog korištenja i održivog razvoja dragocjenih prirodnih resursa te su nositelji ekonomskog razvoja lokalnih područja u kojima se nalaze.

Do sada su u okviru brenda Parkovi Hrvatske pokrenuti webportal te profili na društvenim mrežama Facebook i Instagram, a uskoro će biti dostupna i mobilna aplikacija kao i mogućnost kupnje ulaznica za parkove putem webshopa.

Vidimo se u Areni Zagreb od 17. do 19. ožujka.

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Open applications for volunteer programs in national parks and nature parks

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Environment and Energy has opened a call for volunteer programs in national parks and nature parks, inviting all those interested to apply and thus contribute to care for our protected areas. Volunteer programs enable interested groups and individuals to systematically get involved in activities implemented in protected areas, which provides better public support to the efforts of public institutions, but also to effective promotion of parks, ultimately contributing to the fulfillment of goals and purpose of protected areas.

Volunteer programs in parks have been available in their current form since last year. The attractiveness of nature-related activities is clearly seen in the results achieved so far – in only several months, almost 300 volunteers "donated" over 10,000 hours, i.e. over 1,200 workdays of volunteering through various programs.

There are 27 programs open for applications so far. Activities that volunteers can get involved in include polling of visitors and the provision of information to them; data collection on species and habitats and their conservation; elimination of invasive species; maintenance of botanical garden, olive groves, dry stone walls and trails; preservation of traditional crafts; activities aimed at improving the trail infrastructure and the environment; care for domestic animals; waste collection; support in organizing various events; nature photography. Over 40 trained coordinators and their deputies from public institutions have been engaged in the development and management of volunteer programs, and all programs are aligned with park management plans.

Among the currently open programs, those that particularly stand out include the Dry Stone Wall Mason program in Vransko Jezero Nature Park; Educational Trail Renovation program in Velebit Nature Park; Traditional Gardener program in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park that will begin as early as in April. Other programs include the Visitor Opinion Survey program in Krka National Park and Mljet National Park; Shingler program in Risnjak National Park, and many others. For the comprehensive list of available volunteer programs and online application form, please visit:     

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Nature Park Papuk

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Temp Max: 13 °C  /  Min: 13 °C

National Park Mljet

clear sky

Temp Max: 11 °C  /  Min: 11 °C

National Park Plitvice lakes

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Temp Max: 7 °C  /  Min: 5 °C

National Park Kornati

clear sky

Temp Max: 8 °C  /  Min: 8 °C

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