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Northern Velebit National Park


Krasno 96, 53274 Krasno


Irena Glavičić Sertić

Point of contact for questions

Branimir Šajatović

Phone: 00385 (0)53 665 393

Cell: 00385 (0)99 266 8605



By car

There are several available access routes, depending on which part of the Park you wish to visit.


Arrival to Krasno

From the mainland, the easiest way to reach Krasno is by taking the motorway and leaving it at the Otočac exit. From that point onwards, the route to Krasno leads along a winding and mildly ascending asphalt mountain road for approximately 20 kilometers.

From the Adriatic coast, Krasno can be reached by turning onto a mountain road in Sveti Juraj, a small town located approximately 10 kilometers south of Senj. After climbing along this winding road for 12 kilometers and reaching the settlement and mountain pass of Oltari (1018 m.a.s.l.), what follows is a mild descent for approximately ten more kilometers to Krasno. If you wish to drive directly to the National Park, turn right at Oltari and follow the signposts. A drive 10 kilometers long along an asphalt road brings you to the Babić Siča Park Entrance.


Northern part of the Park – Babić Siča Entrance, Zavižan, Velebit Botanical Garden

Babić Siča (1300 m.a.s.l.), located in the northern part of the National Park, is the main entrance to the National Park for visitors who wish to explore the area of Zavižan and the Velebit Botanical Garden. Babić Siča can be reached from the direction of Oltari by taking a mildly ascending asphalt road for some 10 kilometers. An unpaved mountain road 7 kilometers long leads from Babić Siča to Zavižan.

Babić Siča can also be reached from the settlement of Krasno, by taking a gravel road 5 kilometers long leading through the hamlet of Vukelići.


Southern part of the Park – Štirovača and Alan

If you wish to visit the area of Štirovača, take a winding asphalt road leading from Krasno for 29 kilometers. If your destination is Alan, turn west in the direction of the sea three kilometers prior to the descent to the valley of Štirovača, and drive for approximately 9 kilometers along an unpaved road without steep sections to the Alan Mountain Hut.

Alan Mountain Hut can be reached from the Adriatic Highway as well, by taking an asphalt road 25 kilometers long, leading from Jablanac to the mountain hut. However, that road is quite narrow.

One available route to Štirovača leads along an asphalt forest road from the direction of Gospić via Pazarište.

Park entrances

Babić Siča
Parking available (approx. 30 spaces)
Parking available (20 to 25 spaces)
Routes described here lead only to "official" entrances. However, visitors can enter the Park at several other locations as well, by taking public roads, hiking trails or internal roads.
Parking is also available at Zavižan, with approximately 50 spaces for cars and three to four spaces for buses.

Where to buy tickets

Babić Siča
Krasno Information Center (Management of the Northern Velebit National Park), Krasno 96, Krasno
Visit the official Park website at

National Park Northern Velebit

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