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Nature Park Medvednica

Noć šišmiša na špilji Veternica

Obilježavanje 22. Međunarodne noći šišmiša u Parku prirode Medvednica
Description: Špilja Veternica
Javna ustanova „Park prirode Medvednica“ u subotu 25. i nedjelju 26. kolovoza 2018. godine od 10:00 do 17:00 sati, na planinarskom domu Glavica i špilji Veternici, obilježit će 22. „Međunarodnu noć šišmiša“.

Program događanja : 

od 10:00 do 17:00 sati - svaki puni sat stručno vođenje špiljom Veternicom (po simboličnoj cijeni od 20,00 kuna po osobi)

od 10:00 do 17:00 sati - edukativne šišmiš radionice i prezentacije na otvorenom – ispred P. D. Glavica (facepainting, kolaži, bojanje, crtanje, kvizovi, itd.)

Nature Park Medvednica

Exhibition Zakaj Prigorci voziju ladice?

As part of the Parks of Croatia Week, Medvednica Nature Park is opening an exhibition promoting the cultural heritage of the eastern area of the mountain of Medvednica, entitled Zakaj Prigorci voziju ladice?, in Medvedgrad on Saturday, 27 May 2017.

On Saturday, 27 May 2017, you can find the answer to an intriguing question "Why do the people of Prigorje drive drawers?" – contained in the name of the exhibition opening in Medvedgrad. The exhibition will be available to visitors from 11:00 hours, and the official opening will take place at 17:30. The exhibition has been prepared in cooperation between the Museum of Prigorje and Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution, and it is dedicated to the cultural heritage of Sesvetsko prigorje – the eastern area of Medvednica. The exhibition presents a unique traditional wedding of Prigorje, with all of its customs and rituals, comparing that ancient tradition with a modern wedding throughout the exhibition.


11:00 – 19:00                     

Exhibition Zakaj Prigorci voziju ladice? in Medvedgrad

Sightseeing of Medvedgrad and the exhibition throughout the day

Special catering offer – traditional food of Prigorje from the areas of Sesvetsko Prigorje, Kašina, Prekvršje, Vugrovec...

Traditional making of crepe paper flowers

Offer of unique traditional jewelry

Souvenir offer of Medvednica Nature Park


Official opening of the exhibition

19:00 – 20:30                    

Concert of the band The Strings (up to 150 visitors)

Price of exhibition entry ticket is 20.00 HRK.

Price of concert ticket is 25.00 HRK.

(Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to Medvedgrad)

Nature Park Medvednica

Tjedan Parkova Hrvatske u Parku prirode Medvednica

Proslavite Tjedan Parkova Hrvatske s nama na Šišmiš partyju u špilji Veternici i kod planinarskog doma Glavica u nedjelju 21.5.2017. s početkom u 10:00 sati.
Description: Koncertna dvorana u špilji Veternici


10:00 – 17:00     

Posjeti špilji Veternici organizirani su na svaki puni sat (cijena ulaznice 20,00kn)

Šišmiš sajam:

  • predstavljanje PP Medvednica, udruge Tragus  i  Zagreb ZOO,
  • ponuda domaćih proizvoda s područja Parka,
  • brojne besplatne radionice i igre za djecu,
  • Akcija „Usvoji šišmiša“
  • Suvenirska ponuda

18:00 – 19:30     

Akustični glazbeni nastup u koncertnoj dvorani špilje Veternice,  ulaznice po cijeni od 40,00kn moguće je rezervirati na e-mail do petka 19.5.2017. ili kupiti na ulazu u špilju na dan koncerta. Broj ulaznica je ograničen na 150 komada.

Nature Park Medvednica

Marking the 20th International Bat Night in Medvednica Nature Park

On Saturday, 27 August 2016, Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution will mark the 20th International Bat Night at the Glavica mountain lodge and in the cave of Veternica from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Our traditional collaborators and dear guests that will traditionally help us mark this important date for nature protection are the Zagreb ZOO, Maksimir Park Public Institution, Croatian Biospeleological Society, Zagreb Station of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, and the association Tragus. This year as well, they will present their work on bat research and protection. They will also help all of us learn more about bat nutrition and flight, the usefulness of bats in nature, threats that they face, and many other bat-related topics.
Those who grow fond of our cute bats of Veternica will also be able to adopt them. In 2007, the Public Institution initiated the program entitled Adopt a Bat! – and it became quite popular judging by the number of adoptions, approaching 900 adopted bats at the moment!
Every full hour, small workshops focusing on cave exploration equipment will be organized at the Glavica mountain lodge, and participants will be able to learn about the basics of cave climbing.
Event program: 
  • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – guided tours of the cave of Veternica (at discounted price of 15.00 HRK per person)
  • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – educational bat workshops and open-air presentations in front of the Glavica mountain lodge (face painting, collage, painting, drawing, quiz games, cave equipment, bat detector, etc.) 
  • From 7 p.m. onwards: the program switches to the ZOO.
Nature Park Medvednica

Summer opening hours of tourist attractions in Medvednica Nature Park

Summer opening hours of tourist attractions in Medvednica Nature Park
Description: Aerial photo of Medvedgrad
Author: Archive of the Medvednica Nature Park
Source: Archive of the Medvednica Nature Park

Medvedgrad is open for visits every day except Mondays, according to the following schedule:

  • Tuesday to Friday: from 11:00 till 19:00;
  • Saturdays and Sundays: from 10:00 till 21:00.

Veternica cave is open for visits on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 till 16:00.

Zrinski mine is open for visits on Sundays and holidays from 11:00 till 17:00.

Bliznec Information Center is open for visits on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 09:00 till 14:00.

Nature Park Medvednica

Opening of the Veternica Cave

On the occasion of marking the Parks of Croatia Week, join us next Sunday (29 May 2016) at the Glavica Mountain Lodge and in the cave of Veternica.
Description: Lesser horseshoe bat in the Concert Hall, Veternica Cave
Author: Denis Kovačić
Source: Archive of the Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution

On Sunday, 29 May 2016, we invite you to join us from 10 till 16 in marking the Parks of Croatia Week, coinciding with the completion of works within the project Renovation of Visitor Infrastructure of the Veternica Cave and its Surroundings.

Our traditional collaborators and guests will join us on this celebration day as well – representatives of the Zagreb ZOO, Maksimir Park Public Institution and Croatian Biospeleological Society, as well as members of the Tragus association, who will present their work on bat research and protection, and educate us at the Glavica Mountain Lodge about this mysterious group of animal species.

On that day, in the presence of bat experts, visitors will be able to learn everything about the lifestyle of bats and their valuable role in nature. On top of that, our youngest guests will have the opportunity to participate in an entire range of workshops for children – ranging from the crafting of bat masks to drawing and quiz competitions.

Visitors who end up falling in love with our bats will get the opportunity to adopt them within the Adopt a Bat program that the Public Institution initiated in 2007.

Adding to the program, guided tours of the cave of Veternica will be organized on the hour as well. In addition to enjoying the new LED lighting in the cave, visitors will also be able to experience various sound effects in the most attractive parts of the cave open for visits –results of the recently completed renovation project. Sound effects include sounds of bats, cave bears and cascades that once pounded the area currently serving as the tourist section of the cave. Plenty of other attractions await visitors as well.


Event program:

10:00 – 16:00 – Professional guided tours of the cave of Veternica, on the hour

10:00 – 16:00 – Educational workshops on bats and open-air presentations in front of the Glavica Mountain Lodge (face painting, collages, painting, quiz competitions and other activities).

Nature Park Medvednica

Feel Medvednica! – a fair of traditional products with an evening concert

On the occasion of marking the International Day for Biological Diversity and the Nature Protection Day of the Republic of Croatia, we invite you to join us in Medvedgrad this Saturday, 21 May 2016.
Description: Ivan Goran Kovačić Accordion Orchestra
Author: Unknown

Dear visitors,

We invite you to join us in Medvedgrad on Saturday, 21 May 2016 at 15:00, on the fair dedicated to autochthonous products, organized on the occasion of the Parks of Croatia Week. In addition to popular domestic products of local family farms, such as fruit liqueurs, gingerbread and tasty jams, you will also have the opportunity to taste unique specialties like nettle strudel. The youngest visitors will be able to enjoy playing with traditional wooden toys of the area, protected by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, and there will also be plenty of souvenirs on offer, reflecting the cultural and natural heritage of the Park.

A special treat for all visitors will commence at 18:30 – a concert by the Ivan Goran Kovačić Accordion Orchestra, one of the best accordion orchestras in Europe.

After the concert, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy a view of the sunset from the top of the Medvedgrad tower.

Nature Park Medvednica

Pressures and threats to natural values – pilot area of Medvednica Nature Park

On 16 December 2015, project GIS System Development as Support to Defining Pressures and Threats to Natural Values was presented to interested stakeholders. The project is being implemented by the company GDi GISDATA d.o.o. under the leading role of the Croatian Environment Agency, and with financial support of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

All existing and future users of project results are acquainted with the system and the data acquired through the program (portal, browser and central database, as well as reports for individual parks).

Medvednica Nature Park has been chosen as a pilot area for the analysis of pressures and threats. The Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) methodology has been used for this analysis, as the methodology typically used in assessing the effectiveness of protected area management. This methodology was upgraded by the reference list of pressures and threats defined by the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET). After analyzing the identified pressures and threats, measures aimed at mitigating these pressures and threats were defined as well. In order to define pressures and threats, the mapping part of the methodology was prepared, consisting of thematic GIS layers for each group of pressures and threats. 

We wish to thank the Croatian Environment Agency for having chosen the Medvednica Nature Park as the pilot area for the project. That gave us a valuable analysis of pressures and threats to our natural values. The resulting analysis will be of tremendous assistance in protected area management in the Nature Park, together with the accompanying portal and browser.

Nature Park Medvednica

Volunteering in parks of Croatia

Medvednica Nature Park hosted the official presentation of volunteer programs in parks of Croatia. According to Mr. Nenad Strizrep, Assistant Minister of Environmental and Nature Protection, 19 Croatian protected areas are annually visited by over three million visitors, many of them nature enthusiasts eager to provide their personal contribution to nature protection.

Frequent questions about the possibilities of volunteering in protected areas resulted in the preparation of a project Volunteer Programs in Parks of Croatia, with 31 programs in total dedicated to volunteers in national parks and nature parks. These programs enable volunteers to provide their contribution to nature conservation as guardians of plant balance in the Brijuni archipelago or as experts for dolphins in the Kornati National Park, or in some other capacity through many other interesting programs on offer. 

In our Park, you can participate in volunteering efforts through four programs. For example, by taking part in the King and Lady program, you can help us organize our traditional medieval festival. By deciding to get involved in the program Explorer of Amphibians of Medvednica, you can participate in the process of monitoring Natura 2000 species.

All detailed information about volunteering and specific programs for volunteers in national parks and nature parks can be found on the dedicated website at:

You can send your application for a volunteer program in the Medvednica Nature Park at

Nature Park Medvednica

11th Medieval Days on Medvednica – Medvedgrad 2016

Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution invites you to the 11th Medieval Days on Medvednica, to be held on 24-25 September 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 till 7 p.m. This event is dedicated to the revival of medieval customs and spirit, and it has turned into a traditional gathering in the old town of Medvedgrad.

Knight tournaments, the Black Queen, archery, torture devices, medieval music and dance, performance of the juggler Trilja IV, night battles with fire, shopping at the medieval fair – these are just some of the highlights of the event program.

12:00 Opening
12:15 – 13:30 Knight tournament – Part 1 
"Witch Trial" performance
Royal lunch 
13:30 – 15:00 Juggler Trilja IV; medieval dances
16:00 – 17:30 Knight tournament – Part 2 - finale 
17:30 – 18:30 Performance of the knights of the Orders of the Silver Dragon and the White Wolf
18:30 – 19:00 Fire Show
Programs available THROUGHOUT THE DAY:
- Archery workshops 
- Presentation of medieval torture chamber 
- Shopping at the medieval fair 
- Tasting of food prepared according to the medieval recipes
Note: Free-of-charge minibus transport is available from the Šestine church to the old town of Medvedgrad and back.
All visitors whose fitness level so permits are invited to come to the event on foot (by using trail 12 that leads from the Šestine church to Medvedgrad; hiking takes approximately 45 minutes).
Ticket price: 20.00 HRK (children up to 7 years of age accompanied by parents have free-of-charge access).
We look forward to your arrival!

Nature Park Medvednica

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