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Outdoor informer

Come to the Paklenica National Park and by volunteering explore one of the most magnificent canyons in Croatia. Your work will make visitors feel safer and more comfortable and surely contribute to protecting nature.

You will provide information about the Park, the footpaths which are best for exploring and experiencing the secret world of Paklenica and about the protected autochthonous plant and animal species. Information is the key. Let’s use it to protect the natural riches so that we can all enjoy them – today and in the times to come.

Duties and responsibilities

  • provide the basic information and educates visitors about the Park’s rules and regulations in protected areas
  • directs visitors to use footpaths and provides them with the basic information about the distance of specific areas and contents found at the Park
  • inform climbers and provide them with information about the Park’s rules and regulations on the climbing sites in order to protect plant and animal species found there
  • occasional interviewing aimed at getting feedback about the content and service satisfaction at the Park
  • raise visitor awareness about the need to protect the natural and cultural values of the National Park

Number of positions

Up to 12

Volunteering period

From July to August

Working hours

Each volunteer will work 4 hours a day, five days a week (a total of 20 hours a week). The weekly schedule will be defined at the beginning of each week (Monday). Minimum volunteering period is 15 days, and maximum 60 (depending on the number of positions needed)


  • good knowledge of languages to be able to speak and pass on information to Park visitors without difficulty
  • good presentation and communication skills
  • aptitude for teamwork
  • independent and motivated
  • physically fit
  • advantage: prior experience in similar positions


Croatian or English (English is obligatory). Volunteers should also speak at least another foreign language to be able to communicate with visitors. Volunteers from foreign countries must speak excellent English in order to communicate with the Park staff and other volunteers and speak at least another foreign language.

Volunteering with a disability

The program is only suitable for people with mild forms of disabilities which do not prevent them from doing the above-mentioned duties.


Fieldwork on the location of the Park. Depending on the need and movement of visitors, workplaces will be divided between the entrance to Velika Paklenica, the mill and the new educational trail Pjeskarica, the Velika Paklenica Canyon, trail to the Manita peć Cave, trails to Lugarnica and/or the mountain hut.


Accommodation is provided free of charge. Volunteers will be housed at a camp “The National Park” within the administration building of the Park next to the natural pebbled beach. The camp has a sanitary block, and volunteers have a washer and free Wi-Fi at their disposal. Volunteers need to arrange their own tents.


Food is provided free of charge. Each volunteer has ensured a 15 EUR allowance for food. Additional costs have to be covered by the volunteers themselves.


Travel costs from the volunteers’ housing to Starigrad – Paklenica and back to the housing are covered by the Park. Travel costs for volunteers from foreign countries are covered only velling from within Croatia. During the volunteering period, the Park employees will take volunteers to the Park and back to their housing with the official Park vehicles.

Leisure time

  • swim on the beach within close proximity of the housing
  • learn how to windsurf (1 km from the housing)
  • go mountaineering on over 150 km of footpaths
  • rent a bike and ride along cycling lanes along the coast or on Velebit
  • trent a sea kayak and enjoy the view of Velebit from a different perspective
  • enjoy jeep-safari on the Velebit roads
  • enjoy paintball (1 km from the housing)
  • rent climbing equipment and learn to climb on the Velika Paklenica Canyon
  • go bungee-jumping (15 km from the housing)
  • go rafting on the river Zrmanja
  • cool down in the Velebit underground (visit some of the nearby caves)

Why volunteer at our Park

  • to make new social contacts and meet new, interesting people
  • to gain new experiences and improve your communication skills
  • to improve your knowledge of foreign languages
  • to learn about the management of protected areas
  • to contribute to the protection, preservation and sustainable tourism of our Park
  • to experience the charms of living at the crossroads between the sea and mountain
  • to spend your free time engaging in various adrenalin sports or simply relax on the beach


Apply by filling out the form and Park staff will contact you with more information!

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